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About Mediclinic

Mediclinic Panorama opened its doors in August 1986, just three years after the founding of the Mediclinic group of private hospitals. It was the first hospital planned and commissioned by the group. The hospital is conveniently situated with majestic views of Cape Town’s Table Mountain, the Peninsula and the Coast.

The hospital has been a success since its inception and with its carefully planned design, sophisticated equipment and facilities and its convenient locations it fulfills all expectations. Its commitment to the Mediclinic group mission – to provide cost-effective, quality medical care – has earned Panorama Mediclinic respect all round.

With its addition of the Heart Unit, which includes the state of the art EP laboratory, and the sophisticated oncology unit, Mediclinic Panorama has been one of the largest multidisciplinary hospitals in South Africa, superbly equipped to serve the growing need for quality private health care in this country.

Understanding the role of technology in providing quality medical care for patients and world-class infrastructure for healthcare professionals, Mediclinic Panorama ensures the availability of highly specialized equipment. Special attention is also given to the staff and their development and training. Not only does Mediclinic Panorama offer accredited critical care nursing courses, but an in-house high care program has also been developed to maintain the high quality of service and medical care.

Mediclinic Panorama consciously commits their energies around their patients. Every facet of their business is structured around patients. They are orchestrated in their approach. They are practical in the way they operate. They are exacting in their standards. They are deliberate in their actions. And they are humane in their care.
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