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The Changing Face of T.A.C.E

Improved technology

  • Drug eluding emboli
    • DC Bead loaded with irinotecan (mCRC)
    • DC Bead loaded with doxorubicin (HCC)
  • Radioactive microspheres
  • SIR Sphere
  • Therasphere

TACE – Arterial tumour supply

Example of Chemoembolization:

Early results - HCC

  • Previous studies on TACE found
    • The TACE six month response rate is 35%
    • The TACE six month complications rate is 27.5%
  • PRECISION I results have been published in the Journal of Hepatology are as follows
    • Six month response rate is 75% (66.6% on ITT)
    • Six month complication rate is 7%
    • Survival rate is 92.5% at 1 year and 88.9% at 2 years
  • PRECISION II results are as follows
    • Six month response rate is 36% (RECIST) Compares to 27%, lo et al, 2002

Efficacy Tumour Response

Efficacy Survival

TACE Versus Best Supportive Therapy

Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Treatment Paradigm

Positioning of DC Bead Irinotecan in the Treatment of Stage IV mCRC

  • 10-15% patient treated by surgical resection
  • For patients with unresectable disease three or more lines of systemic chemotherapy
  • Late stage/Salvage Therapy: 4% (15,000)
    patients - Irinotecan loaded DC Bead™

Current indications

  • Salvage therapy for HCC and mCRC
  • Clinical trial

Q2 2008 will see the release of data from two large prospective randomised control trials


Lencioni – DC Bead + RFA